Grace B Alves

Assistant professor at the Federal University of Bahia.

As a Professor of Physical Geography at UFBA (Universidade Federal da Bahia) since November 2016, I bring a unique perspective shaped by my roots and academic journey. Hailing from Maracaí in the São Paulo countryside, I am the proud daughter of hardworking small farmers, breaking barriers as the first generation in my family to pursue higher education. My academic trajectory began with a passion for understanding the intricate dynamics of our natural world. Armed with a Master's degree in Geography from UEM (Universidade Estadual de Maringá) and a PhD in Physical Geography from USP (Universidade de São Paulo), I embarked on a fulfilling journey of research and exploration. My scholarly pursuits have led me to delve deep into the fascinating realm of landscape evolution, unraveling the secrets hidden within the contours of our earth. Currently, I am privileged to co-lead a dynamic research group where we synergize our expertise to push the boundaries of knowledge in our field. Beyond the confines of academia, I am a staunch advocate for inclusivity and diversity, striving to create an environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. My journey from the Maracaí to the corridors of higher education instilled in me a profound appreciation for the transformative power of education, and I am committed to paying it forward by inspiring the next generation of scholars.